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Kai Mastrangel Sood
Kai Sood CEO The Farmbrook Free
Kai Sood is one of the Co-Founders of the Farmbrook Free Press and host of the Farmbrook Free Press Interviews Show. In March of 2020, amid a virus that had engulfed the world, Kai and his friends came up with the idea of a weekly publication, which eventually became the Farmbrook Free Press. In July 2020, the idea of the Farmbrook Free Press Interviews was brought up between Kai and Bernie Mastrangel, and Farmbrook Free Press Interviews was 
Theresa A. Yugar
Black and White Hands Piano Cover YouTub
Dr. Yugar is a Latinx Scholar who focuses on Latin American feminism with special attention to the intersection of women, ecology, climate change, and migratory patterns. Theresa is also an author, known for her book, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Feminist Reconstruction of Biography and Text, the first feminist in all the America’s, something Theresa also did a Ted-Ed video on. She has co-edited or contributed to numerous books as well. In addition to this, she co-founded the bilingual feminist blog called Circulando Juntas (Circling Together) and she has had an incredible career and her accomplishments are many, welcome Dr. Yugar!
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