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Yearly Themes, Explained

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Yearly Themes, Explained

Every year you have a New Years Resolution and we can almost guarantee that you eventually lose it within 1 Month, no literally, nearly 86% of people with New Years Resolutions. So what can you do to actually stick with a resolution is simple.

The solution is simply to not have a resolution. Resolutions are too set in stone, and for that reason are harder for people to stick with due to the fact it requires a larger transition and change, something that for people with a specific routine in place, is incredibly hard to try, however, a slow change, and a more flexible change in your life is easier to stick with and has been more successful. This is called a New Years Theme! An example of this would be 'The Year of Reading' or 'The Year of Gardening', which allows you to change your resolution based on you and make it an easier thing for you.

And if you feel that now is too late to start a New Years Resolution, your wrong, there have been cases of people doing 'Monthly Themes' rather than Years, and you can be really successful in your Theme. To maximize success you can even keep a theme journal!

Another thing to consider that will help you change yourself or reach a goal in a good amount of time, in a organized way, and easily. This is the idea of the 100 Day Goals, and this is a good idea which is not as big of a favorite as Themes but is still a good way to see a goal reach success in s short period of time. This helps you narrow down a single goal and reach it, however, this is a bigger thing than you would think, and can also not be as successful as it can't really be molded, rather it is an immediate and solid change, but if you want to you can always try it. You can make this happen with a 100 Day Goal Journal.

Picture of a 100 Day Goal Journal, Available On Amazon

You can always try and reach a new goal and you could easily reach your goal in the next year if you want to, so reach do your goals, and do it your own way!

Written By Kai Sood

@Kai Sood

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