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Why Sleep Is So Important

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of not only having a good but also a successful, productive, and overall good day. Sleep is an extremely interesting occurrence. Sleep happens in four stages, in the first one you’re in between sleeping and being awake, this is also the lightest stage of sleep. Stage two is when you disengage from your surroundings and your body temperature drops. In the third stage, you are less responsive to noise, your muscles relax, blood pressure, and breathing rates also drop in this stage. In the final sleep stage, you transition between light and deep sleep, this is also the most common stage for sleepwalking and bed-wetting.

Another interesting fact about sleep is that snoring affects about 37 million Americans, but you can change this if this is a bad habit of yours? A few ways to prevent snoring, you can change your pillows or vacuum your room to remove all dust. Another way to stop snoring is to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, this will relax your muscles which can stop you from snoring. And It actually takes the average person seven minutes to fall asleep and if it takes you less then five minutes to fall asleep then it is extremely likely you are sleep deprived.

Something also interesting and slightly shocking is that Sleep has been listed in some of the top 12 things that is increased makes you happier, more organized, and more successful in general, which is one of the major reasons why sleep deprivation is so incredibly threatening, but is rarely addressed.

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