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Weirdest Weather Occurances

Think of the weirdest whether you have ever seen, it’s probably snow in May or Sun and a thunderstorm on the same day. Here I have for you the top three weirdest weather phenomena that you’ll likely never see.

Lightning balls are extremely rare, only five percent of the earth's population has seen one. This occurrence usually lasts for 25 seconds. Lightning balls look like glowing electric orb and can be blue, orange, or yellow and are also known as a lightning globe. The first lightning ball was seen in 1638 in an English Church. Lightning globes are just as deadly as they are cool, so if you see one I suggest you run like your life depends on it because it likely does

Snow Doughnut

Self-rolling snow doughnuts also known as snow rollers, another one of nature’s odd markings. Snow doughnuts are mostly found in the open prairies of North America and remote regions of northern Europe, they are made by snow falling off a tree or a cliff and then rolling down a hill. This is a harmless wonder that I would love to see someday.

A morning-glory cloud can be up to 620 feet long and .62 to 1.24 miles high, this event is most common in Australia and was first discovered by Royal Australian Air Force pilots in 1942 and now attracts glider pilots. This occurrence is most common in northern Australia.

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