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Tourists Are Back In New York

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

After nine months, I have finally spotted tourists. Yesterday I met a friend at the Museum of Art and Design. After viewing the Beth Lipman glass exhibit, which I highly recommend, we headed over to 5th Ave to see the Holiday Windows. Generally Bergdorfs has the very best windows. This year, they were still beautiful but not so grandiose. I commend them for putting in the effort for all of us to enjoy.

As we made our way down 5th Ave, there was a guy dressed as Trump and lines to get into stores. The sidewalks were beaming. I saw people looking up at the buildings, I saw the fake purse guys and I even saw tourists! Yes! They are back, staring at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, carrying bags from American Girl Doll store. Everything seemed closer to normal. Oh how I have missed them.

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