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Top Countries Around in the 1920s that Don't Exist Now

The world has changed a lot since the 1920s, and these changes came faster than the changes over the centuries that came before it, and following the first world war, the world map was really redrawn, and there are over 15 countries that existed post World War I but by the 1940s were all but a memory. So here are 10 really interesting countries that existed in the 1920s, but aren’t a thing in the 2020s.

#1. The Republic Of China

Despite what many people think, Mao Zedong and the “Revolutionary People’s Army” weren’t who swept China in revolution, rather it was democratic forces who set up an anti-communist government in Peking, China, following the overthrow of the Imperial Family. The ROC was actually much bigger than modern-day China, including Mongolia, parts of Korea, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Russia, and Vietnam. Following WWII a civil war broke out between the Democratic Forces and The Communist People’s

Liberation Army, and in 1949, the Democratic forces retreated to Taiwan, where they remain as a government of Taiwan, and a government in exile. Following the retreat of the ROC, much of China’s territory was lost.

#2. British Raj (Indian Empire)

In the 1920s, the British Government held The Indian Empire (India was what gave Britain the Title ‘Empire’), which included much of what India had always been, which included Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Lanka, Bangladesh, and Burma. By 1947, it was clear this country was soon to be independent. However, after a 100 years of the divide and rule policy, Religious Violence sparked the partition of the Empire, the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh as separate nations, which led to a mass migration of 14 Million People, and the Deaths of nearly 1 Million people.

#3. The Ottoman Empire

One of the German Allied empires in World War One, this empire was the major middle eastern power, and in 1922, this 800 year old monarchy finally collapsed. The Ottomans had claimed the title of successors of the Romans and were the offspring of the Byzantine, and following their loss in World War One, and the subsequent breakup of their nation, new homelands for different ethnic groups were created, leading to the final dissolution of the Ancient Empire.

#4. Emirate of Jabal Shammar

The Emirate of Jabal Shammar was a relatively new middle eastern country and was headed by the Shammar Royal Family, who were the arch-rivals of the Saud (Saudi) Royal Family, and following the first Shammar Emir’s death, Jabal Shammar began its rapid decline, and was eventually conquered by its very own archrivals, the Sauds, and remains part of Saudi Arabia to this day.

#5. The Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus

The MRNC was a new “Homeland” state created out of former parts of the Ottoman and Russian Empires and acted as a new place for people of the Caucasus, which had not been independent for 100s of years. This new country lasted until the Soviets people army conquered it and in 1922, it was officially dissolved, with it still being part of Russia to this day.

Countries that don’t exist anymore can be Empires, Micro-States, and Grand democracy, but all have something in common, as they were all founded by hopefully people, were eventually taken don, and none of these nations would ever see the 20th century through.

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