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Top 5 Places World War 3 Could Break Out

Troops march in the streets, foreign flags fly over a foreign land. We are describing many cases of war, but could we be describing a future World War? The world has many points of conflict all of which often are areas of clashes, but could one of these military clashes lead to another World War, WWIII? The chances of survival in a Nuclear World War is very little too. So here are the Top 5 Places the Third World War could be started!

#5. Turkey

Generally Speaking, Turkey is wrapped up in quite a bit right now. As of writing this, we are only months past Turkey's conflict with Armenia on the side of Azerbaijan, and since Turkey is a NATO member, an attack on Turkey could mean all out war. This is complicated by the fact that Turkey, has also expressed interest in lands in Syria and Iraq held by the ethnic Kurd's. In fact, Turkey began bombing this area, and following public outrage in the united States, The Then President had to threaten to level sanctions on Turkey, to which the Turkish Prime Minister bluntly responded to with threats against American bases in Syria, which it could easily overwhelm. Add in the fact Turkey is a Nuclear Power and Russia already has frail and decreasing political ties with the country, a war there could be massive. Knowing the great tension in the area already, all we can do is hold our breath to see what comes next.

#4. Kashmir

Kashmir has been called one of the most disputed territories on Earth, and has been warred over 4 times. Both India and Pakistan claim the entirety of the region and the intense hatred and nationalism on both side could be the ultimate turning point. This wasn't helped when Chinese forces took part of Kashmir, further escalating the conflict both militarily and economically on both sides. As Pakistan much to the disdain of India grows incredibly close with China, India grows much closer to the U.S. and that could mean two of the largest world superpowers making a bad conflict much worse. In 2020, the Chinese began inching forward and reinforcing areas they control in conflicted territories, and as this happens and more fights arise, India, increasingly cuts ties with China. As clashes happen often it could be only a matter of time before Kashmir is Ground Zero, and the world is caught up in this decades old conflict

#3. The Crimea

Any territories conflicted by a major superpower are bound to be areas where the international community holds their breath, and that is very much the truth in the Crimea. Russia, in fear of the Ukraine joining NATO, attacked the Crimea in 2014, and forced the Crimean leaders to accede, besides that, there are other swathes of Ukraine which are under the control of Russia, and the International Community has largely expressed disdain and anger toward Crimea's occupation, with Russia even being expelled from the G8 over the incident. With bloody clashes in the conflict every day, War could be around the corner, as the world community is forced to chose sides in the conflict.

#2. The Korean Peninsula

The Korea's have long been at each others throats as Superpowers fueled the conflict between the two. However, has the conflict gone too far? North Korea, as many of us know, is a Utilitarian-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Juche country which has suffered the ravages of war as well as in the last few years, major global disdain, famine, and has appeared to be slowly dying, however, from the inside, all you see is brain washed Koreans marching and cheering for the Great Leader, so what would it take for the Brainwashed population to attack South Korea since both are Nuclear Powers too, escalation in tensions could be delay for the Millions of people in Korea. China, a country somewhat aligned to North Korea too would get caught up in this over fear of South Korea, and American backed country, being located right at their door step, meaning the two superpowers would be forced into a standoff if a Conflict did escalate.

#1. Taiwan

Taiwan and Hong Kong were two places were seriously considered mentioning, however, since Hong Kong is a internationally recognized part of China, it is less likely to present a World Wide War, so coming in at #1 is Taiwan. Taiwan has been a thorn in China's back for years ever since the Democratic Government of China were forced to flee there due to the a Civil War which left the Communist Government in power. Although earlier China didn't have the power to take Taiwan back, now, China is beginning to flex its muscles and spread the belief of Taiwan, simply being a rebellious province in China, things are escalating. China has also made it clear any Taiwan supporting countries will have to go through China first, and with the U.S. and other Capitalist countries begging to give more recognition for Taiwan, some of the most powerful countries on Earth could be caught in a battle for Taiwan, which could spread across the world.

What do you think of our picks? We'll leave you with a little quote from an Army official in the United Kingdom, "The Next World War, if it comes, will truly be survival of the fittest, and it depends on your smarts to decide who will survive".

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