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The Funny Farmbrook Free Press Dog

My Dog and the Official Farmbrook Free Press Dog, Rookie

Dogs are hilarious, that, and cute. For this reason, over the past couple days, I have put together a list of hilarious and cute things my dogs have been doing for the past couple of days. I have also made a short movie of photography and just cuteness projected from these little furry friends. Well, let’s begin the list!

5. My Pup is The First Ever Dog To Spell

You are probably wondering if you read that right… Well, yes, you did. The explanation Is that my puppy is addicted to walking! You could walk her all day and she would still want to keep going. She is always the fastest, walking as far ahead as her leash will allow. She also freaks out if you say the word “walk”. Because of this, we started referring to the word walk by saying “The -W Word” or spelling out, “W-A-L-K”. But now, she actually knows what these two codewords mean. So if you ever see this little pup, you will have to come up with a new codeword.

Rookie Blocking the FFP Main Door (Pretends she Owns the Place)

4. Walking Another Dog

One of our pup's favorite things is her leash (due to its relationship to walking), so she keeps her leash highly guarded and carries it around with her everywhere. So one time when I was walking my dog, I had to run in to use the restroom, so I left him in the house with his leash on as we would be going outside only moments later. But what did I see when I came out of the restroom? The little pup parading my elderly dog around, his leash clenched in her mouth as she paraded him around the living room, through the hallway, and into the kitchen! Who does this dog think she is?

3. Watching From Afar

Since we have such a big backyard, usually our dogs are on a leash when we are outside. But when we are outside with them you can see them in one of the many windows. But one day, I spotted my little dog who had black fur that usually blended in at night. We have four extremely large windows in my living room with a couch with an arm facing the windows. So as we sat, grilling some burgers, to see a little dog on the arm of a couch staring at us… Well, that was both creepy, cute, and hilarious.

2. One Dog Loves To Walk, One Has A Hatred For The Activity

Have you ever heard the saying opposites attract? That is true with both of my dogs who absolutely love each other but have practically nothing in common. One dog, our little tiny chihuahua, loves to walk more than anything. However if you even dare to say “Do you want to walk” to our older Cairn Terrier, he will run for his bed and go straight to sleep.

Rookie the Dog Looking Guilty

1. Doggy Haircuts and “Spa Days”

My Cairn Terrier is the pure embodiment of a dog with an old soul. However, he loves baths, haircuts, and one of his favorite places is called Dogtopia, a place that spoils him rotten! He had his own little spa day there and his haircuts in quarantine, are definitely not as fun as they used to be. However, the chihuahua is even worse. She is, for lack of a better term, a fluff ball, so cutting her hair is a bit of a challenge. That and she squirms a lot. Well, what I am trying to get at is that any attempt to give her a haircut turned out looking like she had Mange!

Well, these are my top picks for some of the funniest dog moments with my little furry friends!

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