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A Summer Story of Farmbrook Road

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Farmbrook Road in 1984

Well, well! I am honored to be reporting back again about Farmbrook Road.

My dad would drop us off on his way to work every morning. I specifically remember a Buick SkyLark that had automated windows. He was an attorney and we looked forward to our adventures for the day. When we arrived, the house was already a buzz. My grandfather ran a pipe covering company and 24800 served as a live/work residency. We had an aunt and uncle who were close in age to us. We had a pool table with endless fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and various board games. There was a rural cat who had kittens constantly and my dad always promised me one day I could pick one from the litter. That never happened. But I remember the fun of having endless kittens to play with and wondering where she kept the kittens. When the time was appropriate, my uncle Joe would reveal where the kittens were and Would present them to us. It was fun to inspect them and play with them all day long. Looking back, it was like I not only had one kitten, I had a huge family of kittens to play with. Cheers to kitten season and Farmbrook road!

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