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Spring: Bernie's Blog

The sun is unusually bright out today. It's been about a year that this whole thing started. Every day gets better. I look back on all the creative things I did. I became a cohost on two podcasts. I started two Instagrams. One is Curatingnyc with over 1100 followers on Instagram. Another small one is @comingsoonyc. I started a floral business Bow Bridge Blooms. I shed some superficial friends which I feel real good about. I gained a few new ones. I learned so much about my own mind and processing

everything. I learned that laughter was everything. I read up on Chris Martin. Listened to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. I learned to ride city bikes anywhere and everywhere. I entered a photo contest. I entered a floral giveaway and won. I met with friends I would have never met with. I helped three people find extra vaccinations.

I learned to be incredibly grateful. Just one day at a time.

I am pretty sure the sun will be even brighter tomorrow. Cheers!

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