Myanmar Coup Explained

Myanmar has for years suffered under oppression by the Military of the Nation, and following Oppression under British Rule, and eventual Freedom, Myanmar would then suffer over five-decades under a Military Junta. However, after pushes by the people as well as leaders such as Aung San Suu Kyi, of the National League for Democracy Party, Myanmar's Junta fell and Democracy arose. However, people worldwide woke up to the news on February First that Aung San Suu Kyi had been arrested and that the Military was carrying out a Coup across the nation. The Burmese Government Elections which occurred in November 2020, resulted in a landslide victory for Suu Kyi's party, to which the Military Promptly responded by claiming voter-fraud and that the election was unfair. The balance between the Democratic Civilian Government and the Military has long been fragile with Aung San Suu Kyi and her government keeping them in check so a great deal of speculation has arisen over what actions the military will take out with their newfound unchecked power.

Aung San Suu Kyi was actually under house arrest for over 15 years during the reign of the Junta, and became a major symbol for those in the nation who were pro-democracy, even winning a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. So in 2015 when she and her Pro-Democracy party came out victorious in the elections, the Military immediately regretted allowing any form of a Democratic and Modern election as a landslide victory seemingly established democracy in Myanmar. Suu Kyi and the Pro-Democracy leaders were given a deal where the Civilian Government and the Military would share power in a manner that resulted in Palpable Tension. So when the military seemingly began committing genocides and persecuting a Muslim Minority in Northern Myanmar, Suu Kyi was put in a tough position and controversially defended the Military. However in 2020, despite Covid-19, the country came together in an election again and in even larger numbers which expanded Suu Kyi’s reach greatly and paralyzed Military Backed Candidates. Not surprisingly, following Suu Kyi’s Win, the Military, losing nearly all their power, claimed election fraud on no basis, and has used that as justification for the Coup and imprisonment of Pro-Democracy Leaders. On February First, the Military began a nation-wide coup, detaining more than 40 Burmese Pro-Democracy leaders, including Aung San Suu Kyi herself. They have installed Myint Swe, a Militarist as President, and have begun a nationwide siege as even local leaders are removed should they be Pro-Democracy. The Military owned and funded television station went on to announce that Myanmar was in an official state of emergency and would remain in the state of emergency for at least a year. Military Men armed with machine guns on every corner has once again become commonplace, as freedoms are also quashed and activists too are being targeted by the Militarists.

Recently released scenes from Myanmar’s Presidential Palace show the newly appointed leader of Myanmar openly discussing and affirming the takeover and continually traversing his false claims of election fraud in Myanmar. Newly Inaugurated President Biden, was quoted as saying, “The United States is taking note of those who stand with the people of Burma in this difficult hour. We will work with our partners throughout the region and the world to support the restoration of Democracy and the Rule of Law, as well as to hold accountable those responsible for the overturning of Burma’s democratic transition”. Aung San Suu Kyi’s location, along with other prominent politicians is unknown, however, the Military claims they are “All At their residences” which is proven to be untrue. Suu Kyi has been charged with many seemingly laughable crimes which the Militarists have spun to be serious. However, the people are completely aware of her innocence and the Militarists’ seemingly child-like bitterness over the margins of their electoral loss. Just hours before the release of this article, the internet nationwide was disabled. Despite the crackdown, visible protests are common-place and the Military’s crack-down hasn’t been enough, as protesters simply move online as condemnation just continues to grow. One of Myanmar’s closest allies, China, has become one of the few nations not to condemn the Coup, but rather has called for the West not to “fuel the flames further”, and to “Open up to a greater dialogue”. The Coup continues across the country as regional leaders continue to be arrested. Massive panic has been reported across the country with massive panic buying, back withdrawals, and violence becoming commonplace, all of which at a scale which will have a lasting impact on the country in the long term. Myanmar stands on a cliff as an Era is seemingly over, and the military has free-rain, which could result in numerous things, and what this new era will look like only time will tell.

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