Inauguration Day, Explained

Inauguration Day is a historic day and is representative of American Democracy. So here is a history, briefly. The Inauguration of the President has evolved a great deal since the first one. Now, it is a very simple, 35 Word Oath, which is taken by the President. And this is really old. George Washington's Inaguration was quite like no other, being done in New York City, he would later say, " It [The Inaguratition] was the worst day of my life", as his election and been more like the entire country trying to convince him to be president. However, following him, the firt contested election occured which was between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1801, and set a great precedent surrounding ellectoral votes and the traditions and process of the transfer of power. Adams lost, and out of fear of militias fled Washington D.C. at 4:00 A.M. Back then the inaguration was in March, which we will get back to later.

Following Jefferson, it became traditional for consecion and other traditions of transfer which represent and continuation of Government, which each President has shaped in their own ways. Inagurations have often been a very important milestone, Lincoln, Obama, and even Washington's early inaguration represented a great deal. January 20, or back in the day March 24, have become day synonomous with the American Democracy and the exercise of the people's power.

That bring us to the reason the Inaguration was moved from March to January. The much disliked one-term president Herbert Hoover, was the last to have an election in November and a transfer in March. This gave him ample time to make it nearly impossible for his succesor to enact his policies, as he would first have to undo much of what Hoover had done, and this was Prohibition and the Great Depression, so it was a big deal. For that reason the period between election and Inaguration was shortened to 2 month wait.

Now, The Inaguration is, in normal times at least, a very festive occasion, with "Throngs" of people corwding the National Mall to watch their new Commander and Chief. However, this year, as always, it will be a bit different, with Social Distancing playing an important role. In normal times, the family of the President-Elect, former Presidents, and other invitees sit on the stage near the podium, and the President and Vice President Elect enter in a symbolic way through a velvet lined Capitol Enterance and then the presiding Chief Justice of the Supreme Court arrives and gives the oath to both President and Vice President, followed by a speech, in fact, it was Roosevelt's Inauguration speech where the famous words, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself", actually originate. Inaguration day is followed by the most eventful 100 days in may presidencies as the president launches their policies and shapes the government in their own way, so best of luch to the new administration, and we hope you'll remeber, all that inaguration day means. Happy Inaguration Day!

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