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Fixing the Weekends

We all know that as children we might have wanted to get an extended weekend away from school, but there are actually some valid reasons why we might want to consider this idea.

Work weeks have become very tiresome over the past few ages, and haven’t really changed since first introduced by Henry Ford, causing some people to start reconsidering ways to possibly improve this schedule. The main problem with the work week, as we know it, is that people work from Monday through Friday with no breaks and then become completely exhausted on Saturday. Come Sunday, they instantly start worrying about having to go back to work on Monday. There are many suggested ideas about what humans could possibly do to fix the problems with the current standard of “work weeks,” but an idea that has gained attention is a concept called Weekend Wednesday.

The gist of Weekend Wednesday is that instead of having two days off at the end of the Week, we would now have Wednesday and Sunday off from work. So basically we would start working on Monday, have a break on Wednesday, start working again on Thursday, and have another break on Sunday. Although this idea may seem a bit weird, it would actually be a great substitute for the current typical work week.

Implementing this Weekend Wednesday into our lives means we would no longer be so exhausted on the weekend due to the reduced time we work on the weekdays. Ultimately, this would allow us to relax, and enjoy the weekends more than we would have before. In fact, studies have shown that by taking more time doing things that we enjoy, we could actually end up working better on the days following our Weekend Wednesdays.

With the increase in creative ideas popping up throughout the world about how to change the current standard work week, it is only a matter of time until what we now consider as normal will be replaced by something entirely new that will improve the perceived work week problems. Such creative thinking extends as well to many other problems we face today and beyond.

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