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FFP Atlas: Green-Wood Cemetery

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Written By Bernadette Mastrangel

Today I took a ride to Green-Wood Cemetery. This is a very large cemetery in Brooklyn where thousands are buried. Many famous people have been buried there like FAO Schwarz, Edgar Allen Poe, Basquiat and more. Some of the earliest graves where from the mid 1800s.

The park is truly beautiful. It has rolling hills, sweeping views of Manhattan and even boasts the highest point in Brooklyn. All the headstones are unique and you can definitely

guess the era in which the person passed away based on the headstone. There are little paths that lead to other areas of the cemetery. There are even Family Mausoleums. These look almost like little homes. Some of the Mausoleums have Tiffany windows and elaborate iron work on the doors.

This little adventure was definitely something I will not forget. It’s good to get away and explore. I can’t wait for my next adventure. Stay safe friends!

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