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Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets have always been a major part of each summer that I have been through. The county I live in supports farmers' markets and has over 17 farmers' markets, but why should you shop at a farmer's market. We conducted a study to see the number of people who believe that Farmers Markets carries healthier food than the average store. We chose ten people randomly, and nine out of ten said that they think the Farmers Markets are way more healthy, but a majority of our test subjects all said that they rarely make it to farmers markets… Then a shower of excuses came in, “There are none near me”, “I got to a healthy old Kroger”, “What Is A Farmers Market”, “I prefer Randazoos”. Seriously people! Another study we tried was an amazing one. To all those who think that there are no farmer's markets near you… Well, a study showed that around 90% of all counties in the U.S have their very own Farmers Market if not one in one of their cities. That should mean there is at least one within a 25-mile radius of you. On the other hand, it is understandable that people may not purchase things at a Farmers Market due to its lack of certain necessary products.

Farmers Market Display

Farmers Markets have been proven to be better than the average store, some facts that support this are: All food sold at Farmers Markets are organic and pesticide-free. The second reason is that the Farmers Markets support locals Farmers and when you buy products, you help to support local businesses. The third and final reason is that you can really find a lot at farmers' markets and they carry almost all the products a grocery store would at a reduced price, and many of them sell plants, so you could build your own garden using products from the Farmers Markets. Put simply, just TRY to visit a farmers market. See what they carry and actually buy things and see how you like them. You should also consider the fact that as Climate Change and the Earth is further damaged, we should eat unprocessed food which helps reduce your carbon footprint and is good for the Earth. This is an easy way to help the environment and to help yourself be more healthy. Stay safe and look into what farmers' markets are around you!

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