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Facts That Make You Think

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Most people find reading about facts boring but everyone loves good, interesting, and fun facts, for example, did you know that a unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? I’m already going to warn you that this may make you question a lot of things you thought you knew, including humanity. Here are five random facts for you to ponder.

Did you know that sometimes bees sting each other? Apparently bees that live in the same nest have bees guarding their nest and when there is an intruder bee coming to steal nectar the guard bee stings it.

The most common letter in the English language is E according to the Oxford dictionary. E is seen in eleven percent of English words, Q is actually the least used letter, just to prove this if you count the Es in this paragraph and then the Q's you will see that Q is used much less than E.

Pringles aren’t real potato chips, next time you have a can of pringles look closely, it doesn’t. actually say “chip” anywhere since they are made of dehydrated potato flakes pressed into the signature pringles shape.

Everyone loves Coca-Cola so I think it’s pretty surprising that it is not sold in both North Korea and Cuba is the only place in the world that Coca Cola is not sold. Recent reports suggest that a restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korea is smuggling and serving the sweet fizzy drink. Imagine having never tasted Coca-Cola, now that is insane!

Did you know a small valley in Panama is known as the healthiest place in the word? Shangri-la valley is a beautiful little valley with a much higher life expectancy than in the surrounding areas a report in 2018 named Shangri-la valley to be one of the healthiest places on earth

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