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Doing Our Best to Preserve: One Kid's Mission to Help the Enviorment

Preserving untouched areas of nature is a subject close to us all. For us on Farmbrook, something we fought to keep was the dirt road itself, which was proposed to be paved. Many of the people on the road felt that the dirt road added to the rural feeling that made Farmbrook what it was, and they also felt that this would mean more development in the much loved natural areas. For the two founders of the Farmbrook Free Press, this was something they strongly opposed and hoped to change. Both kept records of their actions and in a scrapbook, you can find their brainstorm about what to do. They soon formed a summer club called the Farmbrook Club, and the general description of the meeting reads, “ 6-16-18, The predicament in which we focus on today is the paving of Farmbrook Road. The city and some residents want to pave Farmbrook because they have gotten many complaints, and our goal is to find ways to fix what people complain about without paving our beautiful road”. During this meeting they also both made shirts designed with a picture of Farmbrook and a slogan.

The next thing to come was the meeting to explain why Farmbrook should be paved. With worry mounting up fast, the Farmbrook Club, decided to write the very best letter they could to the mayor, as well as attend the meeting that would decide the fate of their beloved road. They decided that each would write a letter, and one of these letters has been preserved with both its inspiration, rough drafts, and actually finished copy are kept, and this is the first time it has ever been published. “ June 27, 2018, The Farmbrook Paving Discussion

Dear Mayor Siver and City Council,

I am a fourth generation resident on Farmbrook Road. I have recently received news that you and your administration would like to pave our beautiful country road. I don’t want the paving to proceed because Farmbrook Road’s country environment will be disturbed and destroyed.

The reasons for my feelings are: First, I think to widen the road you will cut back woodland areas where animals live. Second, many more cars will use the road as a cut through between Telegraph road and Franklin Road. Third, paving the road will make the road very dangerous for people walking and biking because of speeders. We love our natural surroundings. Cars already speed down Farmbrook while talking on phones and driving into the sun which makes it hard to see pedestrians. A safe environment for all residents is so important. Finally, the litter that drivers leave is unbelievable. People just throw their trash out the window leaving residents to pick it up!

I hope this letter will help you and your council reach your final decision. I also hope this letter will help you make the best decision for Farmbrook and the city.


Kai M. Sood”

After the meeting, a representative for the club did their best to approach the mayor, pushing through a thick crowd of residents with questions surrounding him, yet, the ten year old club member was able to push through, and hand the letter to the mayor. With hope in their hearts, everyone departed the meeting, not knowing what the future was for their beloved road.

Fast Forward A Week And A Half

Now it was July. The Farmbrook Road Club had met to discuss an estimate for the future of the road. There was still tension, when Kai Sood’s phone rang as he departed from his grandparents. He then answered and heard that his club’s letter had received a response! He was ecstatic to read the mayor's letter, bound with the crest of his city and with his name printed in a cursive like font. When he got home, he opened his letter with a shaky hand and he and the Farmbrook Road Club couldn’t have been happier. We have attached a photograph of it, and this is the first time it has ever been publicly viewed.

After this letter, came a vote to keep Farmbrook the same and the club finally achieved their goals. The Farmbrook Road Club, put a file together containing all information in relation to the road paving issue, and made it confidential information, and at the end of the summer, they decided to have it released on April 1, 2020, because they knew by then the issue would be resolved, and this is the first article ever written about it. They have decided to allow its release and create a doc of the complete file.

This is a very interesting story and experience for us, that we will always remember as something that we enjoyed and are proud to have participated in

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