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Deforestation, Simply

Deforestation is a very large problem and I personally think that all people should be concerned, even kids, because this is something worth worrying about and do your best to prevent. Over 2000 of 3000 plants that contain cancer fighting properties and most only grow in rainforests. Many, many people suffer from cancer. Don’t you think they should have the benefit of getting those cancer fighting properties? Also, if deforestation continues at its current speed it will only take 100 years to destroy all of the rain forests on Earth! We, the children of today, will be left with the task of caring for a harmed Earth. Many would argue the largest direct cause of deforestation is converting land into pasture for crops and livestock in order to provide for their family. And, of course, food is important, but so is air, paper, medicine, and so much more that comes from the suffering forests. There are also a great deal of job openings right now so that could provide for those who work in the industry of deforestation. We think that this is just such an important subject that doesn’t get enough attention as it is, so we hope that we have convinced you this is a major issue.

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