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Comedy: The Inheritance Scam

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

One Day, a certain Mr. Bernard Morgans received a rather odd piece of mail. One of the nice things about email is there is a spam box, no spam for mail! He turned the letter so he could see the addressing on the envelope,




Even the amount of capital letters was fishy. But the return address, oh, that was way worse. The return address read:


543 Lauretian St.

London, Ontario, Canada”

Despite all of this, and the name Williams Wagoner. Bernard couldn't have imagined what the letter would say. The letter began with,


I am aware that this letter has come to you as a surprise as we have not met before or handled any business deals in the past..Nevertheless, I have contacted you with genuine intentions and I hope I can trust you with this Inheritance opportunity which will be explained below.”

Well, off to a good start so far. Morgans was slightly confused and slightly, well extremely interested. He then continued to read,

“My name is WILLIAMS WAGONER, an account manager with Laurentian Bank of Canada (LBC).I retrieved your contact address in my search for the next of kin to a deceased customer of our bank Mr. EDWARD MORGANS, a citizen of your country, who lived and died in London, Ontario Canada from Cardiac Arrest in the year 2010. Unfortunately this customer died intestate leaving his bank account with an open beneficiary status. All efforts made by our bank to locate his relatives have been unsuccessful so I decided to write to you as I have monitored this account in the bank for about 10 years now and no one has come forth with any claim. I would like to present you to our bank as his next of kin to claim this dormant account worth $7.8 Million USD (Seven Million Eight Hundred Thousand US Dollars).”

Ok, Bernard thought, this is either really interesting, an extreme scam, or identity theft. He continued to read,

“You will apply to the bank as an extended relative to the deceased customer while I work from the inside to make sure all needed information and evidence are provided to you to back up your claim. The account has an open beneficiary status, which is why I have contacted you to come forth and claim the funds as the next of kin and beneficiary. Since he is from your country and you both share the same last name, it's easy for you to become his official next of kin. If we do not make a claim to the funds now, the funds would be• reverted back to the system as an unclaimed estate at the expiration of a 10 year dormancy period as approved.”

Oh my God, This is a total identity thief, and or a professional, high class robber, or just a total creepy person. Well, he decided to continue, “I assure you that this transaction would be handled under due inheritance procedures and every necessary arrangement will be put in place to make you the real beneficiary of the Inheritance. It also requires all confidentiality at this stage and I believe that you are ready to keep this absolutely discreet until you are able to claim the funds from the bank. Once the funds are released to you, it will be shared between the two of us.

Please send your response to my personal email or Fax 1-844- 415 - 1784 indicating your readiness to proceed with this transaction and we will discuss more details as well as the procedure to achieve a successful completion. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and people achieve it every day.

I await your response"

Bernard thought a second and through it away. But he got it back, then through it away again. Have you ever had a thing similar to this happen to you? If so, tell us about in the comments!


Williams Wagoner


Fax: 1-844-415-1786”.

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