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Belle Isle Travel Guide

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Belle Isle is one of the many historical attractions in Detroit. It is really beautiful . This 982 Acre 200 year old park is famous for its attractions which include The Belle Isle Botanical Gardens, The Belle Isle Green House, The Nature Center, Kayaking Rivers, Beaches, Yacht Club, and so much more. So when I went to get a little ice cream in St. Claire Shores, We decided to take a drive down Jefferson Avenue, a picturesque and beautiful road that lines the Shore of the Detroit River and Lake St. Claire. It was quite an amazing drive down from St. Claire Shores through to Belle Isle. Simply by driving down Jefferson you will see picturesque historical homes,the Groose Point Yacht Club And The Beautiful Sunset On Lake St Claire. This soon turns into a less picturesque strip of Detroit, before you finally reach a area know as river town.Then we reached the Belle Isle Bridge, also called the MacArthur Bridge where you are welcomed with The Belle Isle State Park Sign and a beautifully landscaped tulip garden. Once you cross the bridge you are greeted by a hillside the words “Belle Isle” spelled using small bushes. You can then turn and start heading toward the southern tip of the island called ‘Sun Set Point’ ,a beach front picnic ground that gives you a perfect view of the sun as it slowly drops into the skyline of Detroit Sky Scrapers. This was followed by a drive up the Island passing the Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, and Green House, as well as a beautiful river where they offer kayaking around the Island. You can also see a set of ornamental building that are scattered around the whole island. Next came the nature center as well as a drive through the woodland areas on the island followed by a drive past the beautiful Yacht Club, and less beautiful, soon to be restored boat club.

After you pass the Boat and Yacht Club you will once again reach the MacArthur Bridge that finally carries back to "Rivertown". Truthfully, You can not do justice to Belle Isle by driving around the island, rather, you must experience the many different attractions and a visit to this island could last days. Belle Isle is a easy must visit for any mid-western traveller!


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