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Animal Testing: Some Thoughts

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Animal testing is when an animal is forced to undergo a scientific test. The problem with animal testing is it typically temporarily hurts and injures the animal and can sometimes even cause them permanent harm.

Every year over 100 million guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, mice, fish, monkeys, frogs, dogs, and cats are killed in the U.S. due to the cruelty of animal testing. I happen to find this information extremely disturbing. Why do we allow animals to be burnt, shocked, drowned, poisoned and endure brain damage?

While animal testing is extremely cruel, it has been a major help to humanity, like, for example, the world’s first vaccine, which helped end smallpox was only created because of the research done about cows, the polio vaccine was also only discovered with the help of animal testing. I guess that the question we have to ask ourselves is, is it okay to hurt or kill animals so that we can cure diseases that could hurt or kill us?

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