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Briefly: The Rise Of The Kim Dynasty

Many people will probably believe that Kim Jong Un was the only person in his family to become the ruler of North Korea, but they would be very wrong. The Kim Dynasty has been in existence for the past 100 years and shows no signs of ending. The continuing generational rulership of the Kim family has kept the family in power for all of these years. This family’s continuing rulership has led to many improvements, as well as a few new enemies. To understand everything, we must travel back to the beginning of the Dynasty and the beginning of the 1900’s.

Kim Il-Sung (Official State Portrait)

On April 15 1912 a man named Kim Il Sung was born in Magyondae. He grew to become prominent as a guerilla fighter against the Japanese and eventually for the Soviet Union. He became the ruler of North Korea in 1948 and ruled until his death in 1994. He was an extremely important person to North Korea and has over 500 statues of himself scattered

Kim Jong-Il (Official State Portrait)

around the entire country. He was then followed by leaders such as Kim Jong II and North Korea’s newest leader -- Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un’s reputation has been shrouded in mystery to the outside world partly based on many strange actions and behaviors. For instance, Un has been accused of murdering his half brother, purging his own uncle, and has begun focusing on the acceleration of the nuclear weapon production in his country, with the first nuclear test occurring in 2006. He

Kim Jong-Un

has also created many enemies under his leadership, with a key one being the U.S. This concern garnered even more attention during Donald Trump’s administration. Former President Trump went so far as to announce, “The US would totally destroy North Korea if it had to defend itself or its allies.” Just because Trump is no longer in office does not mean that things are fine between the two superpowers. The U.S. can only hope that future negotiations with Kim Jong Un might lessen the chances of nuclear war.

North Korea has had a few rough years in its past, however it appears that it is looking to repair the bad things that have occurred. Its growth has skyrocketed, with it now being considered one of the world superpowers. Should the current ruler (Kim Jong Un) and future potential rulers, like Kim Yo Jong (sister of Kim Jong Un) seriously learn from the past generations, North Korea has the potential to reinvent itself, ultimately aligning itself on an improved track with the potential to become an ideal country.

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