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Denis Hamill

Denis Hamill is a Renowned Journalist who truly needs no introduction. His accomplishments are Numerous and incredible, which include 10 Books, More Than 10 Commissioned Screenplay, and he is a Writer on the famed show Law and Order. This is a truly amazing person and our interview with him is so inspirational!

Tiffany Hsiung

Coming January 31

Coming February

Farmbrook Road, Michigan.heic
Farmbrook Conservation Society

     Farmbrook Road, on the border of Franklin and Southfield, Michigan, is the namesake of this little magazine. Many of our stories originate from the area around the road. Farmbrook Road is an unsung hero, a little-known road that encompasses so much. Formed in the 1920s, Farmbrook is a dirt road and is one of the last of its kind in Southfield. It also has more than 5 forested lots and the road has become a home for deer, foxes, and a variety of other creatures that thrive in the woodland areas around it. The road includes multiple gardens, a small farm, and over 5 fivers that add a babbling sound around the road.

Our Goal

     Our goal is to preserve Farmbrook Road. We do this through service, as we clean litter from the street and complete seasonal work on the road. We also do our best to ensure that Farmbrook Road retains everything that makes it special.. When we were set up in 2018, it was when groups were attempting to pave the road. We fought, along with the residents on Farmbrook, to ensure the road would not be paved. Paving the road would have meant that parts of the natural ecosystem would be destroyed and speeding would increase on the road. We also work to benefit other organizations and assist with other conservation efforts. We have a few, always progressing initiatives with the particular aim of preserving our amazing road! You can also read stories about the road below.

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Our Intiatives

Cleaning Up Litter

We are currently working to clean up litter on Farmbrook Road, every two weeks, we spend an hour walking the street and picking up trash that could otherwise harm animals and pollute our street. We also occasionally make signs to inform drivers that littering on our street is not a good choice.

Maintaining A Dirt Road

The society does its best to ensure the road will not be paved and that woodland areas will remain intact. In 2018, we voiced our concerns about the road being paved to the city and wrote a letter to the Mayor of Southfield. We continue to stay up to date with the condition of the road and do our best to communicate with the city when the road needs it.

Community Activism

Every few months, we reach out to the people on Farmbrook to see what they have noticed about the road. If there are community needs that they submit to us, we do our best to explore and find a solution.

Kai Sood CEO The Farmbrook Free
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