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Farmbrook Free Press


The Farmbrook Free Press produces a few different series and we pride ourselves in our work in these different fields.

Farmbrook Free Press Interviews

Farmbrook Free Press Interviews Show is a Podcast/Interview show made by the Farmbrook Free Press and started by Kai Sood and Bernadette Mastrangel. With exquisite guests from all walks of life, Interviews are incredibly interesting, and our hosts, Kai at 13 and Bernie an Adult, offer different perspectives to stories and people. Be sure to listen via Spotify or YouTube!

A Day With The Farmbrook Free Press

A Day with the Farmbrook Free Press is a production we started, where we visit different cities and explore the small businesses and locations. This helps us achieve a key thing that inspired us to start the Farmbrook Free Press, which is supporting small businesses.

Farmbrook Free Press Videos

Farmbrook Free Press Videos are the different videos that we show on our YouTube video. We produce weekly videos generally.

Highlighted News By The Farmbrook Free Press.png

Highlighted News

Highlighted News is our news service. We show the biggest news of the month and air it on Highlighted News. Highlighted News is shown on YouTube & Instagram.

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