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Prashant Goyal Farmbrook Free Press Post
Denis Hamill

Denis Hamill is a Renowned Journalist who truly needs no introduction. His accomplishments are Numerous and incredible, which include 10 Books, More Than 10 Commissioned Screenplay, and he is a Writer on the famed show Law and Order. This is a truly amazing person and our interview with him is so inspirational!

Tiffany Hsiung

Coming January 31

Coming February

     Amid a virus, suddenly engulfing the world, many new things were created. One is the Farmbrook Free Press. The Farmbrook Free Press was founded by two teenage friends with a passion for telling interesting and unique stories from the people around them. Over time, the two fourteen year old friends (Kai Sood and Abigail Stein) continued and expanded their small organization. What started on April 1st as a simple magazine email list slowly grew. From LA to New York, London to Delhi, our community has grown ever since. Now, the Farmbrook Free Press produces a newsletter every month, a monthly video that covers an important cause, and a podcast (Farmbrook Interviews Podcast) every two weeks.

Today, after some rebranding for a few months in 2022, we are happy to be back and releasing more content! We are so excited to see the videos, articles, and podcast episodes to come!

A Newsletter, Podcast, Conservation Projects, and more!
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Farmbrook Interviews is a Podcast/Interview show made by the Farmbrook Free Press and started by Kai Sood and Bernadette Mastrangel. Exquisite guests from all walks of life help create interesting, conversational, and story filled interviews. Our hosts, Kai at 15 and Bernie (an Adult), offer different perspectives to stories and people, which helps enrich each interview. Be sure to listen via Spotify or YouTube!

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The Farmbrook Free Press sponsors the Farmbrook Conservation Society. This is an organization that helps organize litter clean-ups, activism, and a variety of conservation projects. Many of these projects happen in the founding cities of the Farmbrook Free Press, Franklin & Southfield, Michigan.


The stories we tell at the Farmbrook Free Press are all interesting and informative pieces. We do our best to release stories twice a month. These include interviews, stories about causes, profiles, and more. All of our stories are free as we want all to be available. Above all, we hope to empower a variety of voices through our stories and bring incredible stories to our audience.


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     We love to receive submissions of your stories! If you would like to send your writing to us, send it via email to You can send us a pitch via email!

Abigail Stein (Age 16)

The Founders

Abigail Stein.JPG

Abigail Stein is one of the Farmbrook Free Press' co-founders. She is from Michigan and is friends with the other co-founder, Kai Sood. As children, Kai and Abigail were always trying little projects and using their imaginations to develop ideas. One of their ideas was a neighborhood newspaper, which eventually became a larger publication (called the Farmbrook Free Press). Abigail is a member of the teen board at Yad Ezra Food Pantry, an active member of the Jewish Community in Metro Detroit, a highly accomplished student, and more!

Kai Mastrangel Sood (Age 15)

Kai Mastrangel Sood is one of the co-founders of the Farmbrook Free Press. Around 2017-2018, Kai and Abigail Stein started a small neighborhood publication called the Farmbrook Free Press. At the beginning of COVID-19, Kai and Abigail made the Farmbrook Free Press an online publication and it expanded from there. Kai also started the Farmbrook Interviews podcast in 2020. Kai is a member of student government at his school, founder of a Make-A-Wish fundraising club, secretary of the Detroit Zoo Youth Advisory Council, and the current director of the Farmbrook Free Press.

Kai Sood.JPG
Farmbrook Interviews Podcast
Kishwar Desai Farmbrook Free Press Poste
Lady Kishwar Desai: Pilot Episode

Desai needs no introduction. With more than 4 books under her belt, she is a journalist, founder of the Partition Museum, trustee at the Gandhi Statue in Westminster, and is one of the most inspiring and accomplished figures you can meet!

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Danielle Krause

Leslie Boghosian Murphy: Episode 1 

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Leslie Boghosian Murphy is an amazing human being. She has been a journalist, working with CNN, ESPN, the YES Network and HDNet. Her exquisite stories and interviews earning her a variety of awards, including an Emmy for Societal Concerns Programming. Now, she is the Democratic Candidate for a seat in New York City Government, representing District 3, in Manhattan. She has numerous amazing accomplishments, which include her charitable activities with the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights, her Tsunami Aid Efforts in Sri Lanka following a Tsunami, and her role in the establishment of the Hell's Kitchen Neighborhood Coalition to address recent homelessness and safety issues in the neighborhood, and so much more.

Covers (1).jpg

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Prashant Goyal: Episode 2
Covers (2).jpg
Denis Hamill: Episode 3

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Covers (3).jpg

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Tiffany Hsiung: Episode 4
Covers (4).jpg

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

John D. Ruddy: Episode 5
Season 2
Black and White Hands Piano Cover YouTub

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Krishna Das: Episode 1

A Little Intro To Krishna Das, Our Latest Interviewee: Krishna Das was born in New York and throughout his young life became curious about spirituality and in 1970 following a trip to India he met his Guru, Neem Karoli Baba, or Mahara-ji. Following this, he became inspired to start to spread the message of and the beauty of the faith that Mahara-ji held, through called Kirtan. "I will sing for you in the west" is what he told his Guru before coming back to the United States, and to this day he continues to sing! In 2013 he performed at the Grammies and was nominated for best New-Age album and he has written two award-winning books as well. With over 15 albums, Das has been described by the New York Times as "the chant master of American yoga"! This interview is hosted by Kai Sood and Bernadette 'Bernie' Mastrangel!

Black and White Hands Piano Cover YouTub

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Sucheta Mahajan: Episode 2

Premiering Tomorrow at 7:00 PM is our latest interview with Sucheta Mahajan! Here is a little intro to her! For our latest interview, we are thrilled to have Suheta Mahajan with us! Sucheta is a historian and professor at Jahawarhal Nehru University, New Delhi, She has been a Gillespie Visiting Professor at the College of Wooster, Ohio, US, a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Center, and a Visiting Professor at the Maison des Sciences de l' homme, Paris too. She is also an accomplished author and has written or edited 8 books, Her fields of interest span the short and long history of the twentieth century, its politics, political economy and social change, and the oral history of independence and partition of India. 

Black and White Hands Piano Cover YouTub

Hosted By Kai Sood

Theresa A. Yugar: Episode 3

We are so happy to announce that our interview with Theresa A. Yugar will be coming this Saturday! Premiering 7:00 PM EST! Dr. Yugar is a Latinx Scholar who focuses on Latin American feminism with special attention to the intersection of women, ecology, climate change, and migratory patterns. Theresa is also an author, known for her book, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Feminist Reconstruction of Biography and Text, the first feminist in all the America’s, a subject Theresa also did a Ted-Ed video on. She has co-edited or contributed to numerous books as well. In addition to this, she co-founded the bilingual feminist blog called Circulando Juntas (Circling Together) and she has had an incredible career and her accomplishments are many! The video is linked below! Also, be sure to check out which includes links to Theresa's work!

January Instagram (10).jpg

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Dave Hill: Episode 4

We are so happy to have Mr. Dave Hill with us today. He is a truly multi-faceted comedian, musician, podcast host, and so much more. He is one of a kind in his combination of comedy with his many interests, whether it be music or interviews. He has also written three critically acclaimed books and he has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers including VICE, the New York Times, The Paris Review, & The Cleveland Plain Dealer. He has also appeared in numerous amazing productions in comedic roles, including the movie “Boy Band” and the shows “King of Miami”, “Inside Amy Schumer”, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, and so many more. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention his musical work which includes his composing, guitar playing, his band Valley Lodge, and so many more. The list of his amazing accomplishments goes on! Enjoy this glimpse into the amazing Mr. Dave Hill!

Copy of Copy of January Instagram-3.png

Hosted By Bernadette Mastrangel and Kai Sood

Nila Varman: Episode 5

In this interview we talk to the incredible Nila Varman! Nila is the 21-year-old, award-winning host, of the “Nila Extract.” The “Nila Extract” is a radio show and educational platform founded by Nila that strives to represent a variety of communities and discuss a variety of issues. The “Nila Extract” has won numerous awards including the prestigious Diana Award, the SRA Award for Best New Comer, and so many others. Nila herself is arguably a pioneer in the representation of Tamil people and South Asian people collectively.

Kai Sood CEO The Farmbrook Free
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